Acne Awareness

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Acne Awareness

June is acne awareness month.  Acne can rob you of a clean complexion, confidence, and even self-esteem.  Acne is one of today’s most significant skin concerns. Acne, especially in females, may persist well beyond the teenage years, affecting approximately 50% of women between 20-29 years old and 25% of women 40-49 years old. There is currently no single known cause for acne. However, a number of factors may be present such as heredity, hormones, increased oil production, and bacteria.

The Jan Marini skincare management system is a great way to help control acne and balance skin.  This kit includes green tea, salicylic acid, antioxidants and other resurfacing technologies to control many of the most common acne conditions and concerns. The following products are designed specifically to provide powerful solutions for acne and the appearance of acne. Each of these technologies may be used as stand-alone products or as accelerators to the Skin Care Management System.

Our daughter suffered from acne.  She is a very active teen with daily sports and activities.  For us we found that consistently washing her face and using good products was the key to a clean complexion.  Once we got her to stick with the cleanser and acne treatment by Jan Marini on a daily basis we were able to keep her face clean.   In our experience it took a few weeks to start seeing progress and get the habits in place.  In 3-4 week we could really see a transformation and her skin cleaned up nicely.

We’ve been using Jan Marini for over 3 years at Portsmouth Spa and have seen great results with Acne and anti-aging.  If you’d like more information or a free consultation please call!  We are here to help.  If you have any specific issues or questions please reach out to us 603-433-0059.