Best Massage Portsmouth…again

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Best Massage in Portsmouth!  Portsmouth Spa was voted Best Massage in Portsmouth for the 7th year in a row.  We are always thrilled to be recognized as the BEST Massage!

There really isn’t any secret other than consistency and hard work.  Our team has been together for a long time and they all bring many years of experience!  Marni Thibault, Michelle Atlas, and Mary Weisheit bring more than 40 years of experience as a team.  Marni has been at Portsmouth Spa for over 8 years now after joining us from the Cliff House.  Michelle has been on our team as a full-time therapist for over 5 years!   Mary opened Portsmouth Spa over 11 years ago.

When you come to Portsmouth Spa for the BEST Massage in Portsmouth you will be walk down the stairs and be greeted by a happy face.    Our guest services will bring you back to our relaxation room so you can unwind before your massage.  Then you’ll meet one of these amazing massage therapists.  Our massage therapists will list to your needs and get an understanding of your expectations.   Now you are ready for the Best Massage in Portsmouth!

Our tables are adjustable tables with extra foam pads for your complete comfort!   In order to have the BEST massage you have to have the BEST massage therapists and the BEST equipment.  Our tables are adjustable so our therapist can apply the right pressure without experiencing fatigue or ergonomic issues.  These tables have an adjustable heating pad and a foam top.  Once you lay down you’ll be able to relax while listening to our relaxation music and our dimmed chandelier.  Then you’ll feel some therapeutic hands working on your body!

The Best Massage means meeting your needs.  We work on deep tissue, relaxation, stress relief, reflexology.  Whatever your issue we have a massage that will help alleviate pain, increase flexibility, and feel amazing.   Struggling to sleep?  Our relaxation massage is perfect to help the weary traveler get some much needed sleep.  Headaches?  We have some techniques and aromatherapy to help alleviate the worst headaches.

We are humbled that we are the BEST massage in Portsmouth for seven years in a row and we thank you.  We sincerely hope that Massage will become part of your wellness program.

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