Beaches and Summer means Brazilian Wax

Posted by Portsmouth Spa | June 17th, 2017 | No responses

Portsbrazilian Waxmouth Spa has been in business for just over 10 years now and every spring and summer we take care of hundreds of bikini and Brazilian waxes!  Our Spa seems to be a destination for the locals to make sure they look great at the beach or just any time of the year.  Brazilian wax has become a popular service year round.

When you come in for your wax our licensed esthetician will take you into one of our private spa rooms.  Ideally you’ll have a 1/4″ hair so the wax has something to hold on.  We use a hard wax applied at a warm, luxurious-bath-water temperature. Hard wax cools and hardens after the application.  The esthetician will then peel off the way without using any strips.  We typically use strip was for other areas of the body.

Chantal and Stephanie perform all the waxing at Portsmouth Spa and have literally taken thousands of appointments.  Sanitation, privacy, and comfort is our primary concern.

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