Calf Strains are bad news for runners!

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Calf Strain

Massage Therapist, Michelle Atlas

Calf strains are bad news for runners!  Have you been dealing with a calf strain?  Well I’ve been dealing with one and discovered first hand how painful it can bee to manage it.  Michelle, Massage Therapist, has been helping me work through it.  Massage therapy continues to be a large part of my recover and wellness program.

I’ve made a few discoveries while attending physical therapy.  The first is just when you think you know how to stretch there is another stretch that helps that specific area you are dealing with.  The second is that it may take longer than you like.

I have a Soleus Strain and also dealing with some tendonitis in my right calf.  The stretch that gets the soleus is a bent knee stretches and calf raises.  I was amazed when the physical therapist showed me the stretches and exercise.  I could immediately feel it where I was suffering!  So that’s the good news.  They are recommending massage, heat, stretching, and rolling as much as I can to work through this.  I’ve also been exposed to dry needling a little and I can’t say if it’s working or not yet.  I did have some acupuncture on my calf and ankle and I do think there was some benefit there.

For me the best results I’ve experienced are through rest, deep tissue massage, and stretching.  Now that I know where my injury is my therapist can hone right in on that area.  Massage has always helped me with my running.  My legs feel less heavy and more active after massage.   The cause for Soleus injuries are typically running and jumping.  I have scaled back in the P90X training and running for a while.  Calf Strains are painful and limit your ability to keep moving so make sure you are doing everything you can to recover quickly.

If you are suffering from pain please see a professional and get the care you need.  Make massage therapy a part of your recovery and wellness program.  Finally something you’ll enjoy adding as part of a wellness program!  Diet and exercise are tough…massage is a piece of cake.  But you know what?  Your body will thank you.  And also you’re friend will notice a difference in you.  And they’ll likely be jealous that you are able to take the time.

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