March Means Extreme Makeovers for Portsmouth Spa Part 1

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Extreme Makeovers are part of the Portsmouth Spa culture.  The team loves the challenge, creativity, and the results they are able to achieve.   Beyond the appearance an extreme makeover provides confidence, pride, and many times a renewed feeling and attitude.  Portsmouth Spa has a tradition of March Makeovers and provides extreme makeovers to some models they find out in the community and it’s culminates with a fashion show and reveal!

We are so thankful each year to our models that are willing to put themselves out there for all to see.  It’s truly a privilege to watch these beautiful ladies transform.

This will be part 1 of a series showing you all our models and the transformations from our fashion show and event on March 21!

Our first model Jen came in with wild brown hair and highlights that had grown out.  Our Stylist Jasmine  Gonzalez wanted to give her a style and look she could keep up with better.  Jasmine worked a rich brown all over and added a tiny highlights in the front to bring out her beautiful face.  She then provided a layered cut create a fresh new look with Jen.  Makeup was complete by Esthetician Stephanie Boardman.

Before Extreme MakeoverBefore Extreme Makeover

This year the salon team took on (5) models and we’ll walk you through each of the transformations!  Each of them has a unique look.  Sometimes it’s difficult to know what kind of cut, color, skincare, and transformation you need.   We have experts her to consult and assist through every step of the process.

After extreme makeover

Stylist Jasmine with Model Jen

Highlights extreme makeoverModel Jen extreme makeover extreme makeover model

Wow.  She looks amazing!  We are so pleased with the results.  Please let us know what you think of Jen’s extreme makeover! #extrememakeover #portsmouthspa #marchmakeover


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